Copywriting and Marketing Services

++ Copywriting Services ++

(AWAI-Certified by those top in their field.)

Specializing in:

Newsletters! (We'll take care of the entire process for your regular monthly newsletter!)

White Papers (research and copywriting)

SEO Content for your website

SEO “Magnet” to attract more organic traffic (from search engines) (Ask us about this!)

"Sales Enablement" (I prefer the term "Empowerment," but I didn't originate it)

• We can write the following for your sales team:

• Emails—including “cold” emails, follow-up emails

• Call Scripts (cold call scripts)

• “Battle Cards”

• Sales Decks


Case Studies, Blogs

Documentation (User Manuals, other types)

• Website Auditing, UX (User Experience)

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++ Marketing Services ++

There are certain principles of marketing. Some are based on the latest phychological research, others are grounded in age-old wisdom that's handed down by the best marketors. Once you understand them, you can put them to use! 

We are happy to advise or inform you on any part.


 • We’ll show you how to build your ideal customer persona (avatar, profile). 

 o Your marketing efforts are wasted if you don’t have this. 


 • We can help you create/construct your product’s “narrative.” 

 o You’ve got to “get your story out there!” 

A story (narrative) is an excellent marketing approach; that's how our minds work. A story can give you some impact on your clients’ needs and desires, and therefore their purchases. 


 • Help connecting the dots to make your business more profitable

 o Customers won’t know how to find you if they don’t know who you are! 


  • How to execute a winning social media campaign. 

 o Social media is about making connections—as long as you understand that, you can have a successful promotion.


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