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Jeff Jackson (founder, ITG Business Solutions, LLC in 1996) specializes in helping businesses to distinguish themselves from their competition, and helping them operate efficiently and profitably. He also enjoys working with nonprofits, accomplishing the same things. 

Jeffrey Paul Jackson (born in Atlanta, GA) is a true Renaissance Man. With so many skills & abilities, and a such a wide yet deep breadth of knowledge, he has many accomplishments.  That’s why he can offer as many services as he does…and right now, that’s just in the “copywriting and marketing” niches.
At the heart of it all, what he does best is solve problems.  He does that by immersing himself to get a good assessment of how a business works, with an eye on the “bottom line.”  That’s essentially what  it is that makes the target business successful.  Then he uses laser focus to determine what factors are bottlenecks, standing in the way of success. Sometimes it takes mapping the various steps in the business processes in different ways to make the problems to stand out.
These factors are often (usually) not obvious, even to the business owner or CEO.  Often what he reveals to an owner or CEO is a revelation to them!  Of course, once revealed, the problems are obvious.  Then he sets out to solve them.  The real key is determining or identifying where the problem is, and that’s where Jeff excels. But he also enjoys creating instruments for recruiting and donations. He is very creative and persuasive in that way.

At this point in time, Jeff has chosen to mainly focus on  providing a newsletter service for  businesses that provide professional services.  He has identified that specialty as something that is in need right now, and which is important to growing such businesses to a point where their customer base is large enough for the business to be “stable” and lucrative.

But, he still reserves time and energy to provide other services where needed.  Variety is essential for creativity to flourish!  





Jeff has 40+ years of experience as a professional, with deep expertise in diverse areas of industry. While he has worked since high school, he has never stopped his education. He earned a BS in Biology and Psychology with emphasis in Chemistry, Cell Biology and Physiology, and completed Graduate studies and research at Emory University in Atlanta. He spent 12 years performing Medical research. After this time, he transitioned to a systems engineer and integrator after discovering a talent for solving technical hurdles. Then he moved from medical research to business applications, and was relied upon for decades to solve problems that ranged from smoothing technical “speed bumps” to overall process redesign.

Mr. Jackson has continued to earn tnechnical certifications, such as an EMT, and a diploma in Network Engineering. He has also earned certifications in several areas of Emergency Management, since that was needed for his volunteering. He has spent 20 years volunteering his technical and leadership skills to agencies that respond to civil emergencies for providing assistance. He was awarded with the Humanitarian Award three times for his work during declared disasters, and received dozens of achievement awards, official commendations, and other honors as a result of this exhausting but exhilarating work.

In recent years he joined the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI) and has taken courses there as well. He likes to have the latest info and trends, and to learn from those top in their field. Over the years, he has written formats from corporate policies & procedures to cartoon strips, and he has published in scientific journals, college textbooks, industry journals, and hobby-based and professional special-interest magazines, newsletters and blogs.  He excels at translating “techno-speak” concepts into “regular, everyday knowledge and terminology” that anyone can understand. Because of that, and also his humorous anecdotes and encouraging, positive approach, he has often been asked to speak to various groups.

As an artist, he used to draw entirely freehand, but now utilizes computer programs and even AI to create images. He also enjoys writing and playing music, especially on his guitars. He still finds time for painting and sculpture when the inspiration hits. And, of course, photography is a lifelong pursuit that he got from his dad, a professional Photographer, and he has even sold prints of some of his photos. Over the years, he has had many hobbies, from backpacking to SCUBA, and all manner of crafts. He tries to limit himself now, to have more time for family and friends.

He currently resides in South Carolina with his wife. He is a gifted musician, and enjoys expressing himself with his guitar whenever possible. He is also a licensed Extra-class Amateur Radio Operator (AI4RV), where he also volunteers his knowledge, skills and abilities. He also enjoys developing designs in electronics, usually analog and with microprocessors, especially in automation and robotics fields. (He started doing that in 1985 while working in medical research, automating experiments and building specialized amplifiers for biosignals.) He enjoys the company of family, friends and pets, especially birds and cats, and when space is available, including some dogs.

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