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We All Know How Much

Work They Did...

When Building

THEIR Monument

But YOU don't need to

 do that much work...

 to build something MONUMENTAL

 for YOUR Business!


If you operate a Profesional Service business... 

Then you NEED a Newsletter.

A regularly published Newsletter can have
a monumental impact on your business!

It's TRUE:
The way to grow your business is through marketing. 
Sure, it would be great if “word of mouth” advertising by happy, satisfied clients did that for us, but—let’s face it—that strategy alone for your growth is just not realistic. 
It’s a fact that marketing is the least favorite activity of most business owners. 
(After all, if you enjoyed marketing, you’d be in that business, right?)

That's why it's time to put a newsletter to work for you! 
We're referring specifically to an eNewsletter, that gets emailed out on a regular basis.
(It must be regular, and on time!)

You’d be surprised how much work a well-designed and crafted newsletter can perform!* 
But, only if it gets read by your audience. 
For that, it needs to be entertaining, easy reading, and especially, informative...
—in order to perform well.
That’s where we come in!  We specialize in that!  In fact, it makes up most of what we do.

Click this link to get a detailed list of what a newsletter can do for your business.

What about all the other tasks involved in production?

(e.g., Designing the masthead and layout, writing the content every month, maintaining the email list, emailing it to everyone regularly...)

Does it need to be regular? (YES!)

Does it need to conform to a schedule? (YES!)

Sure, it's a lot of work.

Let us help! We'll do the work for you!

(You'll discover it's the best way to market, and the most cost effective marketing, too!)

Here's What We Will Do:

• Design your eNewsletter with a masthead to suit your business image! We also design the layout for the content. We'll turn it into a template that will be used for every issue.

• Write the content for each enewsletter. (We'll use your ideas, or course!)

• Maintain the email list, adding new listings that you give us, and removing email addresses that are non-deliverable.

We will illustrate your newsletter with custom graphics, created by AI, that you will never need to pay royalties for (like the ones on this website!). 

• Ensure that it goes out regularly, and one-time. We'll even advise you of the best time of day to send it, to increase the chances that it gets read!

Just think: No printing costs. No stamp costs. No standing in line at either the PO or Print Shop! That's all due to an eNewsletter (instead of a printed, mailed one).

And, you won't be sweating it out trying to write copy every month! We'll write it for you, (based on a 30-minute (or less) conversation with you!)

This is almost as easy as relying on simple word of mouth advertising!

What can an eNewsletter do for your business?

woman reading newsletter

Increase Lead Generation and Cross Selling
An eNewsletter keeps you top of mind with your clients and prospects and provides an ongoing mechanism for highlighting your full range of products and services.

man reading newsletter

Increase Client Lifetime Value

Competitors can buy their way into a market by matching pricing, matching offers, and even matching the look and feel of a given company.   What they can’t buy are relationships.   Every newsletter that is sent on your behalf will solidify the connection between you and your clients.
It builds authority and trust…and overall, a relationship with your clients.

A Low-Cost, Instantaneous Channel For Sending Messages

Your business’s database of email addresses gives you instant access to your respective house lists.  That means at any time, you can send alerts, advisories, and messages to clients, in addition to your regularly scheduled eNewsletter.

You can use it to collect data & get feedback, announce new products/services, etc.
woman as public speaker

Positions You as a Thought Leader and Innovator

An email newsletter gives your firm a voice in the market – a podium from which to articulate the company vision and demonstrate leadership. 
You get to show your readers how your ideas, practices and standards demonstrate your leadership.
Take a position!  Some people may be reluctant to express a strong point of view, usually out of concern that someone may disagree. That strategy leads to plain vanilla, quickly forgotten content.  Yawn.  People want to hire professionals with a clear perspective and point of view.

There are more benefits detailed on this page!

Let our Experience and Expertise

give you the Confidence

and the Mechanism to do this!

We'll do it all for you!

(With your input, of course!)

We know that attempting to publish a regular newsletter is stressful for professionals operating a business. We know you spend your time doing the primary activity of your service business. But we also know how important a newsletter is to your marketing efforts. We understand you have “more important” things to do—things that you are actually trained for. 

That’s why we decided to specialize in this service. Since writing and marketing is what WE specialize in for our business, we’re better suited to publish a newsletter than you are! We have essentially designed a machine to do this (a process that we repeat, over and over). 

But it is time consuming, even for us---so  be sure to sign up with us before we’re completely booked up!  

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Sure, you could try to do it alone, without our help....


Stack of newspapers in shape of a pyramid

<--- And you could even build your very own pyramid with your  Newsletters.

Or you could just stack them any old way.... --->

(Assuming you even get that far....)

More likely, you won't get it written every month.
And do you know how and when to send out lots of emails? 

stack of newspapers

But with our help, you're sure to win!

Leave your competitors behind, while you move forward--boldly! 

( It's time to bring in a "ringer!")

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